Conference Rooms and Theatres

Distinctive designs to receive the largest number of customers and facilitate their movement

Conference Rooms and Theatres

Conference rooms and theatres require an integrated and thoughtful distribution of sound throughout the place and appropriate sound insulation. Sedra Albunian ensures providing these features with all services that are offered in construction, interior design, and contract for theatres and conferences, and taking into account all the factors that affect how those solutions are applied, from the choice of building materials to the type of furniture and the way it is distributed, achieving an appropriate spread of sound and easy movement of the audience.

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Creating Spaces for the largest number of visitors

It is certainly not possible to increase your hall area, our team experts, however, can employ every angle you have to make use of all your space via thoughtful division and good furniture distribution, so you can receive as many visitors as possible in the hall itself.

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First Seat Rule

We entrench the first seat rule, which means that all audience in the hall can see and hear like the one sitting in the first seat; we create an ideal experience for everyone through audio and visual distribution.

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Fewer Distractions, Higher Concentration

The biggest problem that visitors suffer from in halls and theatres is the outdoor sounds resulting from a lack of professional isolation features. Sidra's team applies the best modern sound insulation methods and mechanisms, and our experts select the best insulation materials to enjoy tranquillity during interactive speeches and lectures.

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Flexibility and Ease of Movement

The Sedra team studies your hall space and design programs thoroughly on paper before the execution to distribute seats, theatre, and equipment, ensuring easy and smooth movement of attendees and officials.
If you want to provide your attendees with calm and comfort and give your visitors a unique experience, contact us and give your client the attention he deserves.

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If you want to define calmness and comfort elements for your hall attendees, and give visitors a unique experience

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Sedra Albunian also provides a unique construction solutions model based on customer satisfaction and their needs

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