Decorating & Interior Design

We add touches of creativity and innovation to your project through decorations that represent your identity.

Decorating & Interior Design

Sidra Albaniun offers you services for all types of interior design, and finishings of the floors, ceilings and walls with high efficiency that brings beauty and elegance to your home or office, focusing on all details with a high level of precision and professionalism.

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Modern Interior Designs with Gulf Touches

Mixing modern decorations with the spirit of the Gulf gives a distinctive character that is seen in many restaurants, cafes, and offices with a unique local identity. Sedra is interested in adding the spirit of Gulf authenticity to the interior designs and decorations in a way meeting your aspirations.

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Diversity of Projects

Our team has implemented a wide range of projects that varied between commercial malls, hotels, and hospitals, so we are able to understand the details and specificities of each project including the early stages of internal division, the types and forms of decoration, and the distribution of furniture properly.

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Multiple Solutions for Budget

Because the process of executing decoration and finishes is usually high cost compared to the rest of the stages and reflects the nature of the place where you spend most of your time, Sedra offers you various solutions to implement various kinds of finishes from floors, walls, and ceilings, with an explanation of the implementation specifications and the financial costs of the solutions offered and their features.

Innovation in Design

Innovation and thinking outside the box is the desire of our clients, so we are keen to execute our projects with a creative touch that is out of the ordinary, upgrades your place, meets your preferences in terms of materials, techniques, and working methods, and balances design and construction rules with creativity and beauty.

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Flexibility in Making Adjustments

We prioritize your wishes and aspirations, so we provide you with the space to express your thoughts, and keep you fully informed on the stages of implementing design and decoration step by step, making us ready to make the adjustments you might think of during the work for reaching the desired result.

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Decor Compatible with Identity

Our team selects colours and furnishings to match the nature of a project; our décor specialists offer what suits your brand by professionally designing the decorations corresponding to the nature of the work and it visual identity.

Sedra Albunian clients

Corporate Offices

Conference Rooms and Theatres

Clubs and gyms

Restaurants and Cafes

Exhibitions and Retailers

Related Projects


Architectural, electrical and sanitary works for dining area and bath & wash area. Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floors in addition to the wooden decorative elements.

LOCATION: One Square, King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ar Rabi, Riyadh

SIZE: 50 m2 area



Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floors in addition to electrical and mechanical works.
Address: Tamkeen Tower, Al-Yasmin, Riyadh
SIZE: 935 m2


Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floors of mosque, villas, palace, koranic school and services.
LOCATION: Al-Qairawan, Riyadh
SIZE: 6000 m2, accommodating 2500 prayer


Architectural, landscape works and building management system. Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floor.
LOCATION: As Saadah, Riyadh
SIZE: 2 basements, ground floor and 6 typical floors, almost 1000 m2 area for each floor


Architectural works including wooden, gypsum and acoustic system for walls and ceiling
LOCATION: ITCC, Al-Nakheel, Riyadh
SIZE: 2 auditoriums each auditorium accommodates 352 chair.


The Factory Furniture is a furniture exhibition consists of ground and mezzanine floor.
LOCATION: Khobar, Buraida, Khamees Mushait.
SIZE: more than 3000 m2

You can bring beauty and elegance to your home or project by asking for the decoration services we provide to you.

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The company is committed to quality and speed simultaneously, with exceptional services in post-delivery follow-up.

Sedra Albunian also provides a unique construction solutions model based on customer satisfaction and their needs

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Sedra Albunian has a detail-oriented engineering team and committed project management

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