Concrete Structure Works

A diverse group of professional engineers, creative designers and skilled workers.

Concrete Structure Works

Sedra Albaniun executes all kinds of concrete projects for various buildings with high professionalism. Our engineering staff has both academic and practical experience, so we complete our projects from the idea to the implementation of the whole structure seamlessly and tightly, we also seek to turn the architectural designs into the reality that the owner aspires to. Our implementation services are characterized by a range of important features that we only have in this sector.

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An implementation that is subject to the nature and standards of the working environment

Our structural engineers design the Beton buildings according to the requirements of the Saudi code, taking into account all necessary precautions for the various implications of natural and aerial factors on the concrete mass such as the high temperatures in the Kingdom, leading to the quality of implementation and the highest levels of construction safety of the building.

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Employing the Latest Technologies in the Solution Development

Knowledge and erudition of state-of-the-art construction and
implementation techniques form the cornerstone of creativity and
leadership in the field of contracting.
Our team periodically conducts research to access the latest
technologies available in the sector of construction and structures to use
them to develop non-traditional creative solutions.

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Coordinated and Integrated Work

We adhere to Building Information Modeling (BIM), and our team accomplishes all phases of the work under the full supervision of all specialists to ensure that there is no conflict with schemes or designs. We also take architectural requirements and water and electrical extension schemes into account at the implementation time to ensure that there are no future problems.

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Implementing architectural designs in creative ways

We emerge from the construction stereotype, search for and appreciate creative designs, and seek to make them a reality by structural engineers looking for challenges and finding them to be fun.

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Skilled workers

Our workers and technicians carry out quality concrete work. They are also ready to deal with the latest pumping and cement casting techniques, as well as the various kinds of moulds required according to the scheme with high accuracy.

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Integrated Cost and Timeline Plan

We provide the client with a detailed plan of all the information related to his project, including the implementation timetable with a study of all the necessary raw materials and quantities, as well as a financial report for the various costs, so that the client is kept apprised of all information to make the right decision on his project.
You can contact us at any time, or send a message asking for the Concrete Works Implementation Service via the attached form to carry out your project in a way that meets your aspirations.

Sedra Albunian clients

Corporate Offices

Conference Rooms and Theatres

Clubs and gyms

Restaurants and Cafes

Exhibitions and Retailers

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You can contact us at any time, or send a message that includes the service of implementing concrete works via the attached form.

To implement your project to achieve your aspirations.

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The company is committed to quality and speed simultaneously, with exceptional services in post-delivery follow-up.

Sedra Albunian also provides a unique construction solutions model based on customer satisfaction and their needs

Eng. Zaher Edres

Project Manager of the "Hessa Al-Rajhi Mosque"

Sedra Albunian has a detail-oriented engineering team and committed project management

highly recommended for excellence!

Eng. Feras Osman

Project Manager

Sedra Albunian delivers high-quality engineering and construction projects that satisfy all customer needs

Their work speaks for itself !

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