Corporate Offices

Integrated equipment in one spirit with full efficiency in the utilization of spaces

corporate offices

Sedra Albunian adopts innovation, development, and creativity as fundamental pillars of the design of corporate offices. We also seek to achieve the balance between the elegant appearance and the application of the latest styles in the distribution of offices, via upgrading services of construction, contracting, and interior design in a way that suits the nature of the offices, and all other special elements

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One identity in one spirit

Your company's visual identity plays a crucial role in attracting customers and reflects the professionalism of your business, along with the services you provide, so Sedra seeks to execute the interior and exterior design in a way that reflects your visual identity on the entire parts and offices of your company, giving your client the feeling of attractive harmony.

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The Comfort of your Employees and Clients

Our team seeks to select the best furniture for your offices and distribute lights evenly and comfortably for the eye because we know that the nature of the offices' work in companies varies. Sedra provides your company with convenient offices for long sitting hours for the comfort of both your employees and customers.

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Efficient Space Exploitation

Increasing the space of the company is not the only solution for large offices. We work to increase the space of your office with special touches including distribution of spaces, depending on the tally of years of experience, in a way that ensures making the best use of its space and all parts.

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Flexibility and Ease of Movement

While aesthetics alone is insufficient when your clients or employees are unable to move easily and feel comfortable, the wide spaces raise your team's productivity and comfort your clients. We design your office according to a modern academic vision charting the paths of mobility within the office in a way that ensures smooth and easy movement for all.

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Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floors in addition to electrical and mechanical works.
Address: Tamkeen Tower, Al-Yasmin, Riyadh
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Storages and workshops finishes in addition to the exhibition and offices.
LOCATION: JCB located in Khobar


Architectural, landscape works and building management system. Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floor.
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Sedra Albunian also provides a unique construction solutions model based on customer satisfaction and their needs

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Sedra Albunian has a detail-oriented engineering team and committed project management

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Sedra Albunian delivers high-quality engineering and construction projects that satisfy all customer needs

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