Exhibitions and Retailers

The highest safety standards in accordance with the regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Exhibitions and Retailers

We focus heavily on the clients and their satisfaction when offering our construction, design, and décor services to exhibitions and retailers because we believe that studied designs that take account of a client’s convenient shopping experience lead to the best customer retention and attraction of new customers.

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Elegant Designs and Harmonious Colors

Stores need special designs and quiet colors, helping your customers not be bored while shopping, so Sedra seeks to give them a fun shopping experience through the simple, elegant interior design and harmonious colors.

More Spaces for Merchandise, More Convenience for Customers

Most stores and points of sale are overcrowded with merchandise at the expense of the customer's comfort. Our design team, however, provides innovative solutions for your store by exploiting every angle to arrange the merchandise in the most efficient way and create additional spaces for your clients to shop comfortably.

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Dividing Showrooms under Sales Experts Supervision

Successful stores rely on dividing showrooms and distributing merchandise within, ensuring that a client stays as long as possible, and he is familiar with most of the products available, according to marketing and sales experts.

Our division services for stores and showrooms are subject to these rules, besides that the final plans are presented to the best sales experts.

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Top Security Procedures

The likelihood of a fire risk in the showrooms may be rare, but one fire with no proper fire suppression system available is a major disaster, so we are keen to provide the best fire suppression systems in line with the showroom design and with no effect on the place luxury to ensure the highest degree of protection.

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Taking into Account the Requirements of Saudi Laws and Regulations

Sedra Albunian helps you achieve compatibility between your desired design and Saudi regulations and laws; we have improved dozens of exhibitions and stores in a way that best aligns with commercial and environmental conditions.

Sedra Albunian Services

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Completion of Rush Project

Related Projects


Architectural works including supply and installation of steel tubes, wood and paint for floor and partitions of the booth.
SIZE: 80 m2


The Factory Furniture is a furniture exhibition consists of ground and mezzanine floor.
LOCATION: Khobar, Buraida, Khamees Mushait.
SIZE: more than 3000 m2


Karaz Linen specializes in toiletries, bedrooms, bedspreads and some home decorations.

LOCATION: Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Taif, Dammam, Dhahran, Hofuf, Tabuk.

SIZE: We have worked on 12 branches in differentcities, with an area of more than 3000 m2.


Complete fit-out project. Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floors in addition to electrical and mechanical works
SIZE: 1250 m2


Complete fit-out project including architectural,electrical and mechanical works.
LOCATION: Al-Othaim Mall, Ar Rabwah,Riyadh

We put in your hands the opportunity to design and build your store with the hands of the best competencies, as we review models with you of previous projects

If you want to combine sophistication and luxury with safety and comfort in your store, contact us now and get a free consultation.

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The company is committed to quality and speed simultaneously, with exceptional services in post-delivery follow-up.

Sedra Albunian also provides a unique construction solutions model based on customer satisfaction and their needs

Eng. Zaher Edres

Project Manager of the "Hessa Al-Rajhi Mosque"

Sedra Albunian has a detail-oriented engineering team and committed project management

highly recommended for excellence!

Eng. Feras Osman

Project Manager

Sedra Albunian delivers high-quality engineering and construction projects that satisfy all customer needs

Their work speaks for itself !

Eng. Hisham Al-FuraihHusam

Consulting Engineer